Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Where to buy:
I bought my probiotics from iHerb the price was good (before shipping) and it was delivered very fast, (a few days). They have much more than supplements so feel free to browse, it's easier to buy from them if you are like me without health stores (it'd be cheaper to buy it online than a store anyways).
If you're a first time customer you can use a discount code (won't post since it always changes, just look it up or ask in Live chat) but you will not be able to use it again for future purchases (found that out after and was bummed).
If you want your product really fast (3 days?) then you pick the first option for DHL shipping (cost me $8)
If you can live without it for a bit then choose the second option for International Airmail. It's cheaper (cost me $4). this option took 3 weeks for delivery, so like I said if you can wait and want to save cash, then there you go. But do know that there is no tracking option for International Airmail, so you won't know where it is.

They also are very easy to contact; there's a live chat option which I find the fastest and easiest way to communicate. If you decide to choose a different online store to purchase a supplement from, make sure they have the expiration date listed on their site, it's a good sign so you know they aren't close to being useless.

You also get little gifts in your package. I got a tiny pen with "iHerb" on it, the 3rd time a magnetic bookmark with "iHerb" on it (was useful since I needed a bookmark, I like it), and the 4th time a measuring tape (to measure yourself) with "iHerb" on it. 

What I chose:
I did my research, and I was stuck between two probiotics. In the end I went with Enzymatic Therapy Acidophilus Pearls. The reason I chose them (besides all the requirements I was searching for) is because of size. They are so tiny even someone like me with a tiny esophagus can swallow them without gagging. 

Enzymatic Therapy Pears are supposed to help with gas, bloating, constipation and symptoms of Lactose intolerance. Their unique coating makes sure the good bacteria arrives alive past your stomach acid.

There are a few to choose from: Acidophilus Pearls, Pearls IC, Pearls YB, Pearls Elite, Pearls Immune.
Go to the site (linked below) to read the descriptions to find your perfect match. Always check with your doctor to make sure nothing interacts with your medication. 

If you want to try the Pearls, make sure to go to the site and look at the short list of ingredients (if you're allergic to soy, or milk don't take it).

Enzymatic Therapy sent me all their 2014 quality statement so feel free to check it out for yourself, because of it's length it will be at the very bottom of this post.

You don't have to refrigerate the Pearls so if you travel you can be at peace knowing the organisms will still be alive and kicking. 

Bask in the beauty of effective simplicity in size:

Pearls size vs other probiotic pills.

Your Search:

When you browse for the best probiotic here are a few things you may want to avoid.

Magnesium Stearate- Now this is debatable, so it's up to you. Know that "vegetable" Magnesium Stearate is just a ruse, it's the same thing.

Maltodextrin- It absorbs quickly and is higher than sugar, so it affects your blood sugar (bad if you're diabetic; heck even if you're not). So unless you're going to do a hard core workout every time you take a probiotic with this ingredient, I would get one without. And because it's higher and absorbed more rapidly than sugar, it feeds candida, making it grow and worsen.

Make sure to ask the company if they do metal checks, no one wants to worsen their health with a supplement loaded with high volumes of lead, and mercury.

Just because a product says it has more strains, doesn't mean it's better or beneficial. There are only a few strains that have been tested and known to be beneficial. Here are some listed below:
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Bifidobacterium longum
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • Lactobacillus casei
  • Lactobacillus bulgaricus

My Results:

I'm not sure if they're doing anything health wise (not necessarily why I got them but added bonus either way) but I am testing them for my constipation. I do notice a difference when I have to chug prune juice, I no longer feel that pressure, gas, and bloating cramps from it if I take the Pearls before.

After I ran out I noticed it surely did do something (this is about to get a little TMI). My stools which were always a dark dark brown were now a very light brown and actually looked healthy! I was surprised because I haven't seen that for YEARS! Like middle school type years. 
Oddly enough I got myself sun flower seeds (already de-shelled) and they helped A.LOT (not very pleasantly I might add, but heck I will put up with it if it keeps working). I have been regular for 2 weeks since being off probiotics, so again they obviously did help because not even a bag full of sun flower seeds could've saved me without it, and I no longer had to take even half a cup of prune juice to go #2. Which is MAJOR improvement. But now I got more I'm a tad worried they will make it less easy to go, but to be fair I didn't have enough time using them (company said it takes 4+ weeks for a suppliment to work) so...yeah I will definitely update now that I have a enough to last 2 & a half weeks. I'm considering taking them every other day so they work their magic but won't make it harder for what wants to come out.
If you have to take antibiotics and don't want to take yogurt (that will NOT help you ward off yeast infections) probiotics is the way to go. Simple, fast, no need to force a spoon of yogurt down your gullet 2-3 times a day. Just make sure to space out when you take them, you don't want the probiotics to make your antibiotics ineffective so space it out like 3 hours apart from each other.

Remember that everyone's results are different, so just because my results of something might be good doesn't mean yours will be the same. 
For example, I was trying Activia Yogurt for constipation which did absolutely nothing for my constipation or regularity (but I would still use it since it helped prevent prune juice from passing right through me). However when other members of my family had Activia it would make them rush to the bathroom in a flash. So now I only eat Activia when I want to stop diarrhea (from too much prune juice).  

*UPDATED RESULTS (August 25, 2014) - It did not help my constipation, it seemed to make it worse, BUT this will be a perfect probiotic for those of you with IBS-D as it prevents thinks getting a bit "trickily" which is why it didn't help me. But I am not giving up on the brand yet (the size is too important for me) so I am trying the Pearls IC. I just started but I will post if it worked for me or not.

The 04,2014 Quality statement pages 1&2