Friday, September 12, 2014

Pantene Ultimate 10 has graced me with a free product yet again (once a year lol).
I got a Pantene Ultimate 10 package (shampoo, conditioner, BB creme) and as happy as I am that I even got it, I was disappointed with the performance (bummer since I love P&G products and Pantene is usually better than this).

Before Using Pantene
After Using Pantene

I brushed my hair so it was tangle free before using the products (I didn't know they came yet, so I couldn't test out detangling, which may be a good thing as my hair probably would've been worse). So I brushed my hair and it was nice and tangle free, which is how I knew the shampoo & conditioner did something unnerving. I read a review before that this happened to someone else but I dismissed it.
Hair loss.
Yes this has only happened to me one other time, when I used that Clear shampoo & conditioner when it first came out. So I was quite irked when it happened with Pantene (it has never, ever done this to me before, in fact other than the Clear products, and the Aussie shampoo, I have never had something do this to me).
After using the shampoo & conditioner I lost about a handful of hair in the shower, which I tried to dismiss.
Then after brushing my hair, I lost ANOTHER handful. So that's when I knew I will not be giving this product a 2nd chance.

The shampoo was very foamy and didn't feel like it was helping smooth my hair. There's not much to say about it other than it dried my hair out a bit.

Let's go down the list Pantene claims its products can do:

1. Repair rough hair - My hair wasn't rough before, but this caused it to become rough and dry so, No?
2. Strength against damage - I don't think I would know that. But I do know it caused damage (hair loss)
3. Silky Softness - No silky softness, believe I know silky softness (my current conditioner does it right)
4. Brilliant Shine - No brilliant shine here
5. Smoothing - No it felt rough and dried out, it only got better after brushing it out.
6. Moisture - It felt like it sucked all the moisture out of my hair, it did not add to it.
7. Frizz Control - not sure. It was more tame after I brushed it out.
8. Tamed Fly-Aways - Still had fly-aways, probably because it was drying.
9. Manageability - It was a spiral of dry hair, so I suppose so?
10. Detangling - I brushed my hair before washing so I do not know if it is detangling, though I highly doubt it

BB Creme:
In all honesty, I have no idea if this did anything. But it did help make my hair a bit softer after the not so successful shampoo&conditioner, and have a bit of shine to it. It did not tame the fly-aways on the top of my head. I do think this was the most successful product of them all however.

This is a picture of after I used the BB creme 

For me Pantene Ultimate 10 is a throw away. The shampoo & conditioner is a D, and the BB creme is a B-
Remember this is just my experience, these products could be a great fit for your hair.

*I received these products free from BzzAgent

RumbleRoller Beastie X

I read that it`s best to use a foam roller before/after working out, so I decided to get me one.
Turns out they are very expensive and I was more worried about my back than any other part, so I decided to get a tiny RumbleRoller Beastie that can get into all the nooks and crannies a long foam roller can`t (shoulder blades, etc).
It is meant to feel like someone pushing their thumb in a knot and rocking it out.
I`ve been using it every day on my back and feet, and I think it works. My back still gets sore (unavoidable) but it has felt better since using this little Beastie.

There are 2 kinds the clear (original) that is suppose to be gentler (appropriate for legs&arms), and then the green (Xtra firm) that is...much firmer.

I got the Green Beasite X and I will say right now, if you intend to use it for your legs, get something else or you will end up with rows of bruises up and down your legs (I kid you not), but if you just use it for your back, shoulders, and feet, then all is well (as there is less pressure when you push your back against the wall so this is helpful and won`t bruise your back).

This will set you back $35 or more dollars, but it is worth it if you need something to help get the knots out of your back.