Sunday, December 28, 2014


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Happy Holidays. 

- Anon-A-Beau -

Monday, December 22, 2014

Secret Lavender

I received a free sample of Secret Ooh-La-La Lavender Clear Gel Deodorant from BzzAgent and I must say, it smells wonderful!

I'm not a lavender fan, so when I saw the scent I will admit I cringed in disappointment at first, but when I opened it, wow, it is the best smelling lavender out there, and bonus, it did not irritate my skin.
I normally don't wear gel deodorants, call me old fashioned, but I like the solid bar where I know it's fast, and not sticky nor wet after applied. Though it took a while for the gel to actually come out (10 clicks?) it wasn't that bad, cold, but not bad, and it dried faster than expected without leaving my shirt wet.
I wore the deodorant for 8 hours, and the whole time I—Smelt—Wonderful. Why must I say such an obvious thing? Because I had a previous experience with the Va-Va Vanilla scent of this deodorant, and though it smelt good before, it made me smell HORRIBLE after, and EVEN WORSE the next day.
Now back to the Lavender!
The Bad:
It's a antiperspirant so naturally you would assume it would stop you from sweating yes? Well,  no.
I do not need clinical protection deodorant as I sweat a normal average amount. And I did no hard workouts of the sort; in fact I was on my tush for the day because I broke my toe and am on crutches. So the only times I "got active" was when I needed the bathroom or food. So I was extremely disappointed when I still sweat! I did not want to come face to face with wetness where my crutch and underarm met, but I did.
I should mention I had been wearing the deodorant for only 2 hours by this point, so I would not tempt fate with "48 hours".

The strange: 
6 or 7 hours later, I no longer sweat wet. Maybe the deodorant finally kicked in after many hours, or maybe my body wasn't in the sweating mood at the moment, honestly who knows. But if it does take a deodorant over 6 hours to work, it's not a very good antiperspirant. 

If I'm out and about, I would not trust this deodorant to keep my sweat free and protect me from embarrassing small wet spots. But if I'm around the house, sure thing. It smells great, that much I can say, and it doesn't quit smelling good. Which is a rare quality of any deodorant. 
Now if Secret could just combine the two and truly make it an antiperspirant, then wowzers this would be my perfect match, no, soul mate deo forever.

Pros- Smells good, Quick Dry
Cons- Doesn't stop sweating

Grade- B-

*I have received this product free from BzzAgent