Sunday, December 20, 2015


When I opened the box of Teeez Read My Lips, Roulette Red Lipstick, I took a moment to admire the design. (I love skulls.) It wasn't a typical boring skull plastered on the box and lipstick casing, it was bright and lively. The red wasn't bright, but more of a maroon/medium red tinge.

  • No red teeth! That's a huge plus, especially for a lipstick that isn't water proof. And it glided on effortlessly.
  • Covered the chapped/torn parts of my lips (I pick dry parts off and it rips skin). I consider this a huge plus!
  • Moisturized! Although it isn't long lasting lipstick, it doesn't wipe of as easily as others, so it's moisturizing benefits are felt for a few hours (if you don't drink or eat with it on).

  • My biggest disappointment, was when I twisted the lipstick and half of it landed in my hand. Not sure if it got bumped during shipment, but I wasn't pleased.
  • It claimed 8 hours of moisturizing, however that's only possible if you're sleeping, and not taking sips of water/pop,etc during the night.
I really liked the design, coverage, no red teeth, and moistening benefits. But because of the quality (broken lipstick), and 8 hour claim, I'm giving it 7/10.

** I received my Teeez lipstick free from Glamsense Club

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Laxative Tea

My Constipation: 
The most annoying thing to hear when you're suffering from any type of constipation (be it mild-chronic) is "eat more fruits, drink more water, get more fiber, exercise," it's a huge pet peeve of mine since 90% of people already know this and have done/are doing it.

I've tried many different products to try to get rid of my chronic constipation (won't go for 2 weeks without help)  naturally without laxatives, but my sluggish bowels were too much (even the almighty castor oil barely worked!), Ground flaxseeds are healthy and suppose to help constipation, however it didn't work for me, and  since I'm so constipated, I didn't want to risk a bowel obstruction, so I stopped using it. Blackstrap molasses worked well if I also drank prune juice later, but it's too much sugar for 2-3tbs every three days or two days straight (if it didn't work), and I do not want the yeast beast. And since molasses tastes disgusting I had to add it to even more sugar (hot chocolate), so yeah, not good. If you decide to try molasses get the organic, unsulphured kind.
I take probiotics every day, and recently switched to one with 50 billion. I even added 2tbs apple cider vinegar to my diet (on my salads, or in warm water), and still nodda. When you exhaust so many products (especially oils) it dampers your spirit, and you're stuck with the stress of being clogged up and feeling like you have a poop baby pushing on your belly.
I considered Aloe Vera, still am, but I don't have that available in stores and online gets super pricey if you have to order bottle after bottle with expensive shipping. A side note: please do your research if you try aloe vera juice or gel, as it's not as simple as grabbing anyone; and you don't want to grab one less than 90% aloe vera. Worse, you do not want to grab aloe vera gel with carrageenan as a ingredient (very hard to find one without), since it is a known irritant to the intestines and will cause worse issues in the long run. But the internet is a vast place, I'm sure you can find more information on your own, and select a product that won't give you additional health problems.

Laxative Tea! 
Almost ready to give up and risk the harsh long term effects of laxatives like Ducolax, I found "Smooth Move" Laxative tea by Traditional Medicinals. Yes though natural, senna is still a laxative that will cause dependence with long term use, and other not so appealing side effects. But what doesn't? Just be wise and don't take it every day. I take it every 3-4 days (typically only twice a week unless it didn't empty me out the first time, then I wait another 2 more days before taking it again).

Uncomfortable factors [TMI]: Like anything that pushes your poop in your bowels, it's going to get uncomfortable. For me it wasn't too bad, a normal feeling of warmth under my belly button when it's close to being ready to go, and a not so nice slight crampy feeling when it's irritating my bowels to push the poop in one long pile before relief. The box says 6-12hours, but it all depends on how backed up you are and if you go to bed or stay awake after taking it.
When I tried it the first time, I went to sleep, and it took 18 hours for it to give me a foot of release, which wasn't enough since I hadn't gone in over a week. So I took it three days later, and went to bed 7 hours after drinking it, and woke up 1 hour later to go to the bathroom. Good amount, no diarrhea (in any of my consumption of it, it's truly a "smooth move,") went back to bed woke up 4 hours later to empty out the rest, and slept the rest of the night.
The third time I took it was 4 days later, and I fell asleep and nothing happened until 14 hours later, and it was like the first time with only one foot size of release. So three days later I took it again, and stayed awake (only do this if you take it asap in the morning, with nowhere to go, and can stay awake for atleast 10 hours), and it took 12 hours before I was cleaned out with one very long spiral of poop.

Taste: For black licorice lovers, you will probably enjoy this since it contains licorice root and you will taste (and smell) it when you take even the tiniest sip. I for one, hate black licorice and tea so it was a not so nice "treat" to chug down; but you gotta do what you gotta do. I can't describe the taste anymore since I'm use to it (like how I still hate coconut oil, but now I don't gag when I take it), but when I first took a drink it was surprising and not something I've tasted before, I think sorta bitter and then a powerful aftertaste of licorice.

Ingredients: All organic and natural, with the Verified label! It's the thing that made me go, "Oh yeah, it's worth buying and ingesting." If you are allergic to plants or pollen, I do not recommend you try any of their teas. If you have never tried licorice root or senna, then drink less than half to see how you react, and if you're fine then drink the rest the next day.

Products: There are three different types of the "Smooth Move" tea other than the original one I've been drinking, all with senna.
1) Peppermint 2) Chocolate 3) Chamomile
After reading brief reviews, I'd say steer clear of peppermint, apparently it tastes gross (but who knows, everyone's different). And Chocolate seemed to be favoured—wish I could try it, but it's not located in my small ghost of a town.  。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。
They have many varied products for your health needs other than constipation. I have tried their "Roasted Dandelion" tea, because Dandelion tea is suppose to help with mild constipation, and my Walmart didn't have the regular "Everyday detox dandelion" kind. I don't know why the roasted one is popular ... it tastes very gross, I can't even chug it because the taste is so strong. Think of trying to drink burnt seed water.
I also tried the "Everyday detox with lemon" because it contained burdock and dandelion—ingredients for constipation(not a lot but little is better than none). I read a few reviews that said they had success when they took the recommended amount of 2 teabags twice a day. The taste of the tea was better than the roasted dandelion one, but it was more bitter, and you could taste the nettle leaf in there. Careful about taking it for more than two weeks since it is a detox product and you'd want to give your body a week of downtime.

Warning!: Senna causes your intestines to turn black after long term use so please consult a doctor and use for short spurts of time only!

*Information within these articles are not intended to replace medical services. The information provided is not a replacement for medical advice or care. If you require medical care and/or services or medications, please seek appropriate medical care. The author, and manufacturer are not liable or held accountable for any damages arising from or in association with the application of any information contained in or referenced herein. Statements or recommendations herein may not have been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, nor have they been evaluated to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Clump Crusher Mascara

I received the Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara, and wore it during my night out to the movies.
The green curved wand is the best of the mascara, it makes it super easy to apply mess and accident free.
The mascara isn't clump-free, it left a few small clumps on my bottom lash and top corner lashes, and my lashes weren't "20x" longer like the claim on the package. But it wasn't all bad, the first thing out of my sister's mouth was, "Wow your eyelashes are so bold!" And they certainly were, so it gets points for that.

My lashes are long but they never show up on camera, so this mascara was perfect for visibility.

The verdict: B- It's no different than other big brand mascaras, but the wand and bold visibility makes it a keeper for photos. The false "20x" longer claim, flaking under my lower lashes after 2 hours, and slight clumping takes away from the great product it could have been.

*I got the product free from BzzAgent

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Flash&Go Treatment 13

I've been using the Silk'n Flash&Go for almost a year now, and the results aren't "hair-free."
I'm on Treatment 13, spacing them a month apart, and I still get stubble the next day.

  • It comes in finer and patchier. 
  • Makes shaving easier.

  • Ingrown hairs; so fine they're hard to dig out.
  • Underarms aren't seeing results
  • Faulty unit/cord
  • Faulty cartridges
  • Leaves marks

Worth it?:
I got this mainly for my underarms, and it still has not seen any results. No thinner, finer hairs there. It'll be a full year of use soon, and I had high hopes for this product. I'm not going to waste the money I spent so I will keep using it, and if I ever get hair-free results, I'll be sure to post it here.

I had issues with shaving (sensitive skin), so in the end because this has helped make it easier, I have no big, sulking regrets (but I wished I could've found a product that did as it said). The new issue I have now is my legs, where the hairs grow in finer so I have to (no joke) dig at the little pink ingrown hairs to get them out, and it's painful. There will be two or so little hairs in the bumps, all curled thin and some fallen out. I've been informed by Silk'n that the ingrown hairs are from shaving, not the pulse-light treatments. But you should still take caution since the hairs are too fine to get through sometimes, so moisturize vigorously

*For you, it will not be worth it. Even if you think, "Hey it might be working, let's see," don't if the Warranty is close to it's final days. You don't want to waste that chunk of money for a, "It might be working."

**I will be taking Silk'n's advice and start doing the treatments more often, rather than one month apart. I will start doing 2 weeks apart, and will update with the results from that in 6 or so months. 


Device - Ever since I got the device the lights will randomly go off, so I have to twist the cable in until it goes back on. It's annoying to keep doing this during the treatment.
I've had a false alarm with a "Life time" cartridge, where it wouldn't let me use it because it said it was out of flashes. I took it out three times before it worked again.

Cartridges - Though I've wiped them off after using, they get this black gunk on them that you just can't get off. My guess is burnt skin. But I have tried to gently scrape it and it just won't budge.

After use -  I've gotten tiny black dots on my skin from the device. They look like freckles, but smaller and darker. I have no idea why but it just happens. They don't go away, so be careful if you've noticed this happening after usage. You don't want a new dark circle on your face.

Pictures for before Treatment 13:



Toshiba Satellite

Toshiba notebook
Satellite C650-005
Windows 7 Home Premium
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2330M CPU @ 2.20GHz
Installed memory (RAM): 4.00 GB

Hard Drive Disk: 437 GB
System type: 64-bit Operation System

The first use of my brand new Toshiba, the battery gave me a lovely red 'X'. I got a 1 year warranty from Toshiba, but it was a hassle just to get them to give me a new battery. I mean, it wasn't even a week old, and already causing problems. In the end they sent out the battery. That battery lasted the rest of my warranty, and then died. It was a slow death, charging and going from 2 hours to 30 minutes in less than a hour. So I got a new battery that was worth two batteries, from Walmart. That one still lives.

I've had hassles with it, but no computer is perfect. I found the left mouse pad odd, but I got use to it. The graphics are crisp, but sound isn't great. I can put it to 100 full blast, and most of my videos sound like whispers. And that's if it doesn't decide to give you no sound at all (restart required).
I've been using my Toshiba Satellite for 2 years now, and it's already dying. Since May 24, 2015 it started shutting down when I played a video (whether it was on YouTube or my windows player). It also shut down almost instantaneously when I tried to play that Touch U Touch Me game. And that is the only game I ever played on it (started playing this year).

It was a $700 computer so it's really disappointing that it can't make it for a couple of years. Even my Macbook Pro lasted 7 long years before going kaput. And even then, all it required was a new hard drive and bam, good as new. Had that baby for over 10 years now (but it has more of those annoying thinking swirls). So it's bothersome that my expensive Toshiba is quitting so soon, and already has wear and tear where the screen folds (it's not a convertible tablet so this is horrible when I try to open/close). That means I must search for a cheap computer, with money I don't have, and pray it doesn't shut off and never turn back on before then.
I don't know tech stuff so I can't give anyone the 411 on all that, only those big hiccups I've had. And yes it is the Toshiba computer, because my cousin has the exact same Toshiba Satellite, and it does all these things to her too (although her battery lasted a full 2 years before it needed replacement, and hers is slower than mine.)

I will say one nice thing about Toshiba, is the company offered a free replacement cord on their website when they realized that their old one got too hot too fast. Though it would've been nice to get a email or pop up from them instead of finding out on a giveaway Facebook page.
I won't be getting another Toshiba laptop in the future after this bumpy, short-lived experience. If I had the money, or didn't want Microsoft word and to play my game, I'd get another (newer) Mac.

  • Screen Size
  • Graphics
  • CD/DVD burner
  • Battery life
  • Fast wear by screen hinges
  • Doesn't last past 2-3years
  • Audio issues
  • Slow
  • Price