Sunday, December 20, 2015


When I opened the box of Teeez Read My Lips, Roulette Red Lipstick, I took a moment to admire the design. (I love skulls.) It wasn't a typical boring skull plastered on the box and lipstick casing, it was bright and lively. The red wasn't bright, but more of a maroon/medium red tinge.

  • No red teeth! That's a huge plus, especially for a lipstick that isn't water proof. And it glided on effortlessly.
  • Covered the chapped/torn parts of my lips (I pick dry parts off and it rips skin). I consider this a huge plus!
  • Moisturized! Although it isn't long lasting lipstick, it doesn't wipe of as easily as others, so it's moisturizing benefits are felt for a few hours (if you don't drink or eat with it on).

  • My biggest disappointment, was when I twisted the lipstick and half of it landed in my hand. Not sure if it got bumped during shipment, but I wasn't pleased.
  • It claimed 8 hours of moisturizing, however that's only possible if you're sleeping, and not taking sips of water/pop,etc during the night.
I really liked the design, coverage, no red teeth, and moistening benefits. But because of the quality (broken lipstick), and 8 hour claim, I'm giving it 7/10.

** I received my Teeez lipstick free from Glamsense Club

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