Friday, August 5, 2016

Piercing + BodyJewellery

Intro - I don't live near any piercing shops and the friend that took me to get my inner conch and upper cartilage done, couldn't drive anymore so after a 6 weeks of my new piercings healing and getting irritated, I was told I would need to switch out the jewelry. My jewelry hung from my ear causing irritation.
Original Jewelry
But ... I didn't have a shop for that here.
Google (yay!) lead me to  . I didn't see many reviews, but it said it shipped internationally free when you spend over $15, and they had good quality titanium jewelry. Size was a guessing game since my piercer didn't know what to downgrade to, so I bought a 5mm and 6mm in 14gauge.

 The Swap - My piercer was wrong, after 6 weeks of healing my piercing wasn't ready to be changed. I set my alcohol, cotton balls, and new jewelry beside me, ready to change it as fast and gentle as I could.
Ball got stuck...
My piercer's jewelry was too big for me to hold onto and unscrew. The ball took up too much ear room for me to grab and turn (lefty loosey). I panicked, it hurt, but after 20 minutes I got it off. I pulled out the labret bar, cleaned my ear with an alcohol soaked pad, and put in the 5mm bar.
Too short...
It was painful to push the new labret through because half way it felt like it closed. I pushed (it bled), it went through, but it was too short. I panicked, took out the 5mm bar and put in the 6mm (with the same issue of blockage needing an extra push and blood), and ...
It was swollen!...
I was stressed, super panicked, verge of tears, afraid I ruined my ear and didn't know what to do because I went through to much to give up. It swelled around the front of the bar so I iced it on and off for about an hour until the swelling was down enough to screw on my new 4mm ball . The tiny size made it hard but once I lined the bar up with the ball it was the easiest part of my night, and went on smooth. I wanted to cry tears of joy, but I iced it two more times before bed instead.
Helix BodyJewellery labret

After - It's only been a few days, but my ear is settled and hasn't had *knock on wood* any incidents or flair-ups. The back of the new labret is thicker and smooth, so it doesn't cut into my skin like my piercer's jewelry did. Without the previous long bar flossing my ear hole, my piercing isn't sore or irritated and the bar is short enough that I get less hair caught around the back.
If all heals well, I plan to purchase my jewelry from BodyJewelleryShop. I do not want to change my conch for a few more months -- I really don't want to relive that horrible day again. But when I do, I will be relieved to have a smaller ball that's easier to handle, and shorter, better, jewelry that won't cut into my skin. I love the ball, it sparkles, and makes my conch jewelry seem so dull and clunky.

BodyJewelleryShop -
There's an amazing forum on the site if you are like me and can't get to a good piercer, and need to ask questions on your piercing. You can read the bump post in healing/aftercare and see the list of common bump issues that may arise with your new piercing.

Online shops don't allow you to see how small or big something truly is (touch), so make sure you ask your piercer and get the right size, consider swelling, and choose the right material (titanium without hidden nickle). I recommend the one I purchased 14g labret stud  or 16g labret stud and if you want a different stud there is a nice selection to choose from. Make sure to select the length of the bar before clicking add to basket.
If you purchase a separate ball make sure to select gauge size and ball size (0.16" = 4mm;  1/5" = 5mm; 1/4" = 6mm). The ball size shows up in mm when you go to basket.
I love their variety of cluster balls! The one I have is super shiny, smooth, sparkles even without light, and doesn't irritate my skin.
The online shop also has a healing aftercare selection that would be wise to buy from (I'm eyeing the anti-bacterial solution, but I would like to know the ingredients).
*Edit: The Anti-bacterial solution is for UK only.

It took a little over a week to arrive in Canada (good since I needed the extra week of healing time).
The jewelry came in a little zip lock, inside a small padded envelope.
I soaked my jewelry in alcohol for a few hours (my preference, do what you wish) before using them.

Ask their customer service if you have a question about size, etc, they respond quick.
If you have an issue make sure to contact them directly before sending it back (to get approved), and make sure it is unused! Don't even touch it. If a ball is too small or too big, just leave it in the package and follow the instructions to send it back and get the right size.

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