Thursday, September 15, 2016

Katy Kat Collection

I got the chance to try Katy Kat Eye (blue), and Katy Kat Matte (Sphynx).

Perry Blue Mascara - My first impression wasn't great. When I pulled it out of the tube there were chunks of medium blue on the brush, instead of the smooth formulas I'm use to seeing with other Covergirl mascaras, and the brush was basic, making application difficult.
After applying the mascara, I didn't notice the blue very well, it looked dark blackish-blue, with a few clumps on my lashes that made them stick together looking unappealing. My impression changed after a couple hours, and catching a glimpse of how the sunlight made my lashes pop royal blue (or as a friend of a friend said, "blueish-purple"). The few globbs shrunk and I felt much better about wearing the Katy Kat mascara.
Sunlight is this mascara's best friend (if there aren't clumps galore), but don't expect long, dramatic lashes. The great quality of the mascara is it's long-lasting. I wore it for 9 hours, and the colour stayed strong, and flake free, even after 1 hour of blistering heat.
3/5 stars

It's not 10x longer, The Covergirl commercial admits in fine print that Katy Perry is wearing lash inserts with her mascara.

Sphynx Lip Matte - I loved the colour, and it had a pleasant smell. It glided on, leaving my lips looking a neutral shade, with a slight shine that looks and feels creamy, and not lip gloss sticky. It remained light on my lips and didn't cake, but after 2 hours of wear, it all came off after eating and drinking.
It's not a lip stick that will conceal picked skin, but it will moisten dried lips; keep that in mind if you're going out but need to cover your picked lips (we all do it).
B&A (poor camera quality)
I love the shade but because it needs to be reapplied, I give it a 4.5/5.
*Received free from Bzzagent