Sunday, October 8, 2017

Premier Protein Shakes

This is my review of Premier Protein vanilla and chocolate shakes.
Pros :

  • 30 grams of protein in each shake, and 1 gram sugar (not sure if that's  the sucralose or regular sugar). 
  • Gives me all the protein I need after walking in the hot sun, and working out.


  • Carrageenan (red seaweed that causes gastrointestinal inflammation), and DATEM (dough conditioner that can cause heart fibrosis) in ingredient list.

Vanilla shake:

Taste - It has a strong artificial vanilla taste that luckily can be masked in coffee to replace whitener and spoonfuls of sugar.  Blend ice and the vanilla shake for a taste almost like a vanilla milk shake.
Unless you can stomach the strong vanilla taste, I suggest mixing it in something.

Texture - Thick, most likely because of the ingredient DATEM.

Conclusion - As long as I mask the strong taste it is drinkable, and better than the chocolate version. And unlike the chocolate version, it did not make me feel nauseous.

Chocolate shake:

Taste - It has an aftertaste that will not be hidden by ice or Nesquick chocolate.

Texture - Like chocolate milk.

Side effects - After a few sips I felt nauseous and sick.

Conclusion - I forced myself to try to drink some of this to review it properly, but I do not like the strong aftertaste, and after it made me reach for gravol. I will not touch the rest of it.
Premier Protein has recipes that you can checkout to make it easier if you do not like the taste (their website is near the bottom).

Warnings: The back warns not to drink these shakes if you are taking blood thinners. Keep this in mind before purchasing.

Verdict: I will not be purchasing these shakes because of the two ingredients listed. There are other protein supplements out there that do not have them, which is disappointing or the vanilla shake would have been great for when my mother goes to the dentist and can't eat hard foods.
I would not recommend the shakes (unless you are comfortable with the two ingredients).
*I am not a doctor please speak to yours before trying, they can determine if it is right for you.

If you want to checkout the shakes here is the U.S site, and the Canada site. This review is just my opinion, and there are many others who would rave about these shakes so please do your own research and decide for your self.

**A big thank you for the free shakes from ChickAdvisor 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Vitafusion MultiVites Vitamin gummies

There isn't much to review for Vitafusion MultiVites Adult Vitamin gummies since I already had thick and fast growing nails. I wanted these gummies because fruit is pricey and I know I can't always get what my body needs with food. I checked out the ingredients and I didn't see anything harmful like with tablets (another reason I chose gummy form).
These are my first vitamins so I don't have anything to compare them to.

Supplement Facts

Me -
I wasn't a fan of the taste, but it got better after taking it a few times. My favourites are the Peach, and Orange. They remind me of gummy candy, so it is never hard to remember taking them. I only take 1 a day (though it says to take 2) in case I end up eating food loaded with vitamins throughout the day, so I don't accidentally overdose on goodness. It doesn't include iron so I don't have to worry about over consuming iron.

I've taken it on a empty stomach and with food, both have no ill effects, and my stomach feels better after.

I have no real complaints about the product, so I will be keeping Vitafusion MultiVites adult gummy vitamins until I have no teeth left to chew (or they discontinue). I hate pills so hopefully I will never have to switch from this gummy version.

My mom -
I gave these to my mom (who barely eats any fruits or veggies) and though she didn't like the taste, she prefers the peach or orange ones. Since she has to chew with her front teeth it is hard for her to eat gummies but they were soft and not super chewy so it didn't take her long to chomp it up, But the struggle is real if you are missing teeth.

Her health isn't the best with all her allergies and bad ashma, so I have been giving her 1 a day along with a probiotic (every other day) and she says she feels much better. (Yay!)
I wish I had checked her nails to compare before and after, since hers were brittle and grew slow (unlike mine).

Pros :

  • Easy to consume
  • Vitamins I need 
  • Doesn't contain iron
  • Soft, not too chewy
  • Easy on stomach
Cons :
  • Taste takes getting use to
  • Hard to chew if you're missing teeth

Warnings -
Processed in a facility with products that contain egg, fish, shellfish, soy and tree nuts.

This product contains Vitamin D, so do not take another vitamin D supplement or you will risk intoxication. You do not know if there is slightly more than listed (like all vitamins/supplements). Remember all good things can be bad if you take too much. 

*With everything, please consult your doctor prior to trying. I am not a doctor, nor will I recommend you anything, I am only posting my experience with this product. I am not responsible if you decide to try and have a negative experience. Please do your own research.

Friday, February 10, 2017

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore

Took me a while to review this since I sprained my thumb and that made it difficult to brush and wash my hair.

The John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore (for fine hair) bottles look absolutely gorgeous! I usually don't care but man did they catch my eye, all green and beckoning.

Shampoo & Conditioner -

I'm clumping both together since I didn't see much difference in them separately. These are specially made to be clear (like water) and feel very light in your hair and hands.
I loved how light and clear it comes out, and noticed the difference between John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore and other shampoo/conditioners right away. When I put it in my hair it didn't feel smothering, it was lighter than putting a oil in my hair.

There wasn't a bunch of suds and buildup leftover in my hair after I rinsed. My hair felt clean, but not squeaky clean or silky, just clean. It said it helps with tangles, I can't comment much on that since I brushed my hair before washing it. But the amount of hair that came out when I brushed it again after using this shampoo and conditioner didn't seem at all normal. For that reason I have not tried the shampoo or conditioner a second time to test it better for volume.
Hair loss after shampooing
If you have new piercings I do not recommend using the shampoo or conditioner because once I did my salt soak in warm water my piercings made a weird sound (not like sizzling but hard to describe). I recommend avoiding trying the product until after your piercings are healed enough so you don't accidentally cause infection or damage.

Volume wise, things seemed about the same, but my hair seemed frizzier (volume at play?). When I ran my hand through my hair I could feel the light kind of grease formula coating it (not in a gross way, it's much lighter than coconut oil). But my hair seemed more dry than usual. As the days went on I had my hair in a braid and it was crazy messy. Makes me wonder if I had taken it back out if it would be a beautiful voluminous mess, or regular knotted mess.

Pros -
  1. Light, clear formula.
  2. Easy washout, no buildup.
  3. Clean, no knotted mess
  4. Beautiful packaging
Cons -
  1. Hair loss
  2. Frizzy, not much volume
  3. Drying
  4. Broke me out

Advanced Protein Volumizer - 
<-AFTER Volumizer            BEFORE Volumizer->

Instructions say to put in hair after washing hair, and activating the formula with a blow dryer. I must say I was surprised when my hair became a poof like a lion's mane. I didn't like how it was sort of frizzy but I loved how it made the illusion of a thicker hair. I no longer felt like the girl from the ring with flat hair against the side of my head.

Pros -

  1. Thicker/fuller looking hair
  2. Smells nice
  3. No bad reactions
  4. Little goes long way
Cons -
  1. Makes hair frizzy

Final thoughts -
I recommend the Advanced Protein Volumizer, but not the Shampoo or Conditioner because of my minor hair loss incident. 

*Received these products free from the Glam Sense Review Team &

Monday, January 16, 2017 Home Job

I can't be the only one who thought the people who raved about getting a home job were lying or scams. I'm here to say I got one as a transcriber, and it was 100% legit. No previous skills required. Miracle, right?

REV - 
Rev hires people who have never transcribed in their lives (me), globally. 
You want this? Well check out the requirements:

  1. Read their guideline! There will be a link provided to you when you register to become a transcriber.
  2. Complete their test. If you apply for Transcription you will be given a 4-ish minute audio to transcribe in their online program, and have a time limit of 3 hours. There aren't instructions on how they want you to format the audio, (Verbatim or Clean), so you choose.
  3. Have good speakers, or headphones
  4. Be intermediate, or a native speaker in English. [Note: I don't think they say you have to be a native speaker, but you will have to take a grammar test.] Listening to garbled audio full of static and people talking over one another is hard for a native speaker of the language to do. So only apply if you are confident to transcribe correctly. [I heard of other transcription sites that hire non-native English speakers, so try another if you need practice.]
  5. Have a 4.4 for accuracy, and 4.4 for formatting.
  6. Have a Paypal account. That is how you get paid.
  7. Use Firefox or Chrome
  8. US spelling.

You pass -  
You passed? Congratulations! Pick one of the audio files listed in the work area, "Find Work," and start your first job. Make sure to listen to the file before you click the "Claim" button, because if you end up un-claiming it (you have 1 hour to unclaim) then your commitment score will go down on your Metrics
Or you can go to the join button in the drop down menu where your work is, and click to join Captioning. I haven't gotten to try that so I can't say how it was.

Each file will tell you how long it is, how much you get, and your time limit. The pay is per audio minute (ie: 0.50 cents/minute) not per minute you work. The time limit sometimes isn't enough for you when it's hard, so make sure you skimmed through the audio you want and then quickly claim it, or move on. You can also bookmark it if you want to check out another and come back to it. But many rookie files get claimed fast so don't take too long deciding.

Once claimed you enter to the transcribing portion where you use their online software (no download or installs, it's just a webpage you're moved to). From the test you will have a basic understanding of what to do. If you are still confused, you can always do more test jobs to get the hang of it before doing a paid one. 

After you finish transcribing and correcting your work, you hit submit. The file then waits to be graded by a Revver+ member. They will grade you, and once done you will see their comments about what you could have done better. 

Metrics - 
You must keep your Metric scores exact, or above, their desired scoring average

Metric                                       You   Revver Target Revver+ Target

% On-time submission100%75%  90%
Commitment RatioPerfect!815
Volume (minutes)160-1,200

There are three categories: Rookie, Revver, Revver+. You start off as a rookie until you transcribe a certain amount of minutes, then you become a Revver and can transcribe audio files from all lengths. (Rookies get up to about 20 minutes, and Revver's get from 95 seconds to 2 hours+).  
A Revver+ is someone who has achieved the target scores and will be able to grade the Rookies and Revver's submitted files.

If you unclaim too many projects your Commitment Ratio will go down. And your % On-time submission goes down if you hand it in late.
If you score a 3/5 or 3/4 on a file you completed, then your scores go down. It's best to do short, easy ones to bring the grade back up.
Get below what they want and they will kick you off. Trust me, I speak from experience.

Payment -  You are paid directly to your paypal account every Monday. You do not have to have a certain amount before you can get your money. It's sent automatically.

Pros - 
You get money. - That is always a pro, even when it is way below minimum wage.

Easy software.  - The transcription software they use is clean, and simple to use, There's no downloading required, or uploading required. And I love that you can download the file, so if you can't hear it you can use a better player.

Punctual payments.  - I got paid every Monday directly to paypal. The money would be converted from USD (american money) to my currency (which means I got slightly more).

Cons -
My cons, will not be your cons. But here are the things I didn't like about Rev:

Low pay for hours of work. - Many times short audio files seem doable, but the time limit given is usually how long it ends up taking to complete it. Expect half your day to be wasted on a 15-30 minute video.

Harsh grading.  - Sometimes you get fair grades, then you don't. And don't bother clicking the dispute my grade button because Rev will side with the grader. I read the forums with similar complaints on 4's becoming the new 5's, and getting constant 3's for minor errors. 

Time consuming.  - I end up spending hours on one file and half (or all if I try a slightly bigger one) of my day is gone. And because it's low pay and takes time, if you're like me, you want to try to do as many as you can before pay day so you can rack it up a bit and have time for something else next week.
I end up wasting time trying to earn money when I could've been working on one of the things that makes me happy, that will take me steps closer to my dream job. It kills me when I realize I just ticked another day away. But I did need the small income from Rev because jobs here are scarce, and we needed the money to pay overdraft bills and medication.

Kicked off  -  You get one point under what they desire (4.3 for accuracy or formatting) and they kick you off even if every other score is high. Ironically I got kicked off after getting a score of 5/5 on a file. They do not care and, "all decisions are final." Make sure you get paid for that work , don't let them say they will pay for your completed works and then run off with your time and free labour.
I have read countless postings about people who had perfect scores, some higher, and suddenly be kicked off for no reason. Some of them have worked almost a year, or years, and then abruptly let go, and some didn't get paid like they were told. 
It's unfair, but don't be surprised if their buggy system messes up your scores, or you're suddenly let go even when you have perfect scores. You will be let go if you get too high marks, or are making too much from them.

My mistakes -
Here are a few quick tips that I learned a long the way (that resulted in lower scores). Hopefully they help so you will not make the same ones.
  • They spell Alright is spelt All right
  • Unless it's Verbatim do not write, "Um, uh," and so forth. Do not include filler words like, "Like, you know," or start sentences with "But, So, And." Look at their style guide.       Remove false starts, ie:  "And we could be ... If it didn't take so long we could be rich."           Slang words like "coz, cuz, 'cause" is written as "because." Same with "wanna,"  becomes "want to." If it's Verbatim then you can ignore those rules and type everything, including stutters.
  • 8 a.m not 8 A.M 
  • Write out numbers below ten, and use numerals for numbers above 10.
  • If a full name is given in the audio, use the full name as the speaker name, unless it doesn't fit then you use first name and initial of last.
  • Use inaudible tags for what you can't understand. Use crosstalk tags for when people talk over each other and you can't separate what each one says.
  • Use the forums to help you with inaudible tags. If you have too many inaudible tags in your file it will affect your grade.
  • They have a YouTube channel for tips. 
Helpful tips -  
Google. Whatever you don't know or need to research, google.
Use Grammar girl, or a similar site (or google) to better your grammar.
Use the Grammarly add-on in case the spell check doesn't pick up on a error, (yes it happens, quite a bit.)

If you want to work at home there are many blogs out there that post them, but please do your research before submitting to a at home job. Don't send anyone your social insurance unless you are positive they are not a scam. Be on the look out for anything that seems suspicious.
Here's a blog with scam info:

And here's a site with numerous at home job postings. If you are like me and don't live in the U.S or have a landline phone, then you won't have luck. But check it out anyways:

Final Words - 
I would use Rev only until I could find a better at home job (harder than it sounds). Rev is easier to get into than other transcription sites. But harder to get into captioning.