Friday, February 10, 2017

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore

Took me a while to review this since I sprained my thumb and that made it difficult to brush and wash my hair.

The John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore (for fine hair) bottles look absolutely gorgeous! I usually don't care but man did they catch my eye, all green and beckoning.

Shampoo & Conditioner -

I'm clumping both together since I didn't see much difference in them separately. These are specially made to be clear (like water) and feel very light in your hair and hands.
I loved how light and clear it comes out, and noticed the difference between John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore and other shampoo/conditioners right away. When I put it in my hair it didn't feel smothering, it was lighter than putting a oil in my hair.

There wasn't a bunch of suds and buildup leftover in my hair after I rinsed. My hair felt clean, but not squeaky clean or silky, just clean. It said it helps with tangles, I can't comment much on that since I brushed my hair before washing it. But the amount of hair that came out when I brushed it again after using this shampoo and conditioner didn't seem at all normal. For that reason I have not tried the shampoo or conditioner a second time to test it better for volume.
Hair loss after shampooing
If you have new piercings I do not recommend using the shampoo or conditioner because once I did my salt soak in warm water my piercings made a weird sound (not like sizzling but hard to describe). I recommend avoiding trying the product until after your piercings are healed enough so you don't accidentally cause infection or damage.

Volume wise, things seemed about the same, but my hair seemed frizzier (volume at play?). When I ran my hand through my hair I could feel the light kind of grease formula coating it (not in a gross way, it's much lighter than coconut oil). But my hair seemed more dry than usual. As the days went on I had my hair in a braid and it was crazy messy. Makes me wonder if I had taken it back out if it would be a beautiful voluminous mess, or regular knotted mess.

Pros -
  1. Light, clear formula.
  2. Easy washout, no buildup.
  3. Clean, no knotted mess
  4. Beautiful packaging
Cons -
  1. Hair loss
  2. Frizzy, not much volume
  3. Drying
  4. Broke me out

Advanced Protein Volumizer - 
<-AFTER Volumizer            BEFORE Volumizer->

Instructions say to put in hair after washing hair, and activating the formula with a blow dryer. I must say I was surprised when my hair became a poof like a lion's mane. I didn't like how it was sort of frizzy but I loved how it made the illusion of a thicker hair. I no longer felt like the girl from the ring with flat hair against the side of my head.

Pros -

  1. Thicker/fuller looking hair
  2. Smells nice
  3. No bad reactions
  4. Little goes long way
Cons -
  1. Makes hair frizzy

Final thoughts -
I recommend the Advanced Protein Volumizer, but not the Shampoo or Conditioner because of my minor hair loss incident. 

*Received these products free from the Glam Sense Review Team &